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Hi Guys,


Over the last few days I have been having some serious crashes on my MBPr.


I cant seem to pinpoint where the problem is coming from, here are a few examples:


1. Sometimes when hitting the reply button that appears when you hover in a email in Mail then machine will freeze but the mouse will be able to move then after about 10 seconds the mouse freezes as well and the only way to solve this is a hard restart.


2. I leave the machine with the screensaver on and come back from lunch and its completely dead, not turned on at all and it again needs a hard reset.


3. There has been other times in random applications where it has just frozen up and requires a hard reset.


4. Its always slow to wake from sleep, it takes about 10 seconds before I can put my password in. (I beleive this is a problem that other people are having though from researching online)


I'm racking my brains trying to think of any software I have installed recently that could be causing this but I cant think of any.

I installed the Macbook Pro Update 2 package the other day so it could be an issue with this but im pretty sure it was happening before that was installed.


Any ideas, suggestions, help will be really appreciated as I use this machine for work and although I backup I really dont want to risk losing any work.





MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    better to shut the machine down when you can...



    Restart, holding down the CMD+R keys, select Disk Utility, select the disk hosting ML, and repair it and its permissions. When finished, restart, and see if that fixes the problem.

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    Thanks Carlo, yeah I have started to shut it down fully now to be safe, i.e at the end of every day.


    I'm always wary about repairing permissions though, I did that once before many years ago and it messed up loads of my files and I ended up having to do a re-install of OS X.

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    no worries... this should be done if you think something is not working smoothly or after a major install. I rarely do mine.. but I do repair permissions. I have even reinstalled ML several times just to see what it was like.. It actually improved performance. I did not loose any data. I also back up my computer using TimeMachine religiously in case i did loose something while reinstalling ML... but no info was lost.

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    Yeah I may have to do that soon if this persists, I was hoping it was an OS X problem that a software update would fix but I cant see many people with the same problem.


    Oh well looks like a backup, repair permissions then possible re-install!


    Thanks again

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    This is exactly the same problem I have on my rMBP, I have about 1 freeze a day, it all started last weekend ... I'm not sure if this is because of last update (graphic performance update for retina that was released less than a week ago) or something else... it all just freezes and have to hard reset it. I also notice "slow to wake up" problem like gilesbutler describes. I searched through Console and I cannot find anything weird there, but this is really anoying especialy for a $3000+ machine! I've done disk check, I repaired permissions, none of these returned any problem, I also did SMC and PRAM reset, no difference And this looks to me like completely random freeze, it crashed in mail once, while scrolling files in Finder the other time, ...

    I ran out of ideas, but everythime it freezes I have to remove all cookies from Chrome to start working again, Spotlight starts indexing again (will this ever be fixed?!), ...

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    Hi Mark,


    Sorry to hear your having the same problems as me but I'm glad I'm not alone.


    Your right though, its not good enough for a $3000+ pro machine. I freelance so its critical I have my machine working 100% all day and at the moment its making me nervous knowing I could lose work!


    Hopefully Apple will fix this with a software update soon!

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    Hmm, just an update if anyone will read this: after many freezes and some thinking I found out it (99% sure) always froze with Chrome running and usualy cookie file would get corruped after freeze. I removed Chrome from dock and started using Safari again, made it default browser and all. My rMBP didn't freeze for 4 days now. I don't know how some aoo/Chrome could just freeze whole system.... but works like a charm now and have no more freezes... I hope

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    Hi Marko,


    Mine hasn't frozen for a while now either but I have been using Chrome every day.


    It could have been fixed by Apple in last weeks software update.