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I would love to know if anybody has the same issue as me.


I have a mid 2012 MB Air and the thunderbolt Display with all the updates and latest OSX but I still have problems.


When the display is connected the image is working fine but none of the "thunderbolt" hub functions work.

I dont have the option to choose display audio in the preferences menu and the USB devices that are conected charge but do not show in my OS.


It feels strange to have the latest hardware but basic functions failing.

Thunderbolt Display, Other OS, MB AIr mid 2012, OSX 10.8.2
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    I've the Thunderbolt Display and a late 2011 MBP and am having no problems. I've two USB devices connected to the 'hub', four external FireWire 800 drives, etc.


    You need to call AppleCare - there are a handful of people who have mentioned problems with the MBA and the Thunderbolt Display here. Try a search and see if anyone has come up with a solution. You may have to lug your Display and MBA to your local Apple Store or an AASP and have them look at it.


    Good luck - sorry that you're having problems: my display and MBP get along just fine...