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Hello, I have a Late 2011 13" MacBook Pro [2.4GHz, 6GBs RAM, 500GBs HDD], I have had it now for about nine months. Just last week I was averaging about 5-6 hours of battery life running Chrome and Evernote. Within about a day, running the same applications my battery only lasts for about 2 hours. I am a student and use my laptop to take notes, so any battery life with less than 4 hours isn't possible. I took it in to my local Apple store, the "Genius" told me to reinstall Mountain Lion, so I did [archive and reinstall] and the same problem still occur.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Launch System Information from the Utilities folder. Select Power from the left side column. Copy and paste the info from the right side, Battery Information" into your reply post.

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    Here it is.


    Battery Information:


      Model Information:

      Serial Number:          9G15206G8D3NB

      Manufacturer:          DP

      Device Name:          bq20z451

      Pack Lot Code:          0

      PCB Lot Code:          0

      Firmware Version:          201

      Hardware Revision:          2

      Cell Revision:          164

      Charge Information:

      Charge Remaining (mAh):          3980

      Fully Charged:          No

      Charging:          No

      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          4971

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count:          191

      Condition:          Normal

      Battery Installed:          Yes

      Amperage (mA):          -1387

      Voltage (mV):          11803


    System Power Settings:


      AC Power:

      System Sleep Timer (Minutes):          0

      Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):          10

      Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):          15

      Wake on AC Change:          No

      Wake on Clamshell Open:          Yes

      Wake on LAN:          Yes

      Display Sleep Uses Dim:          Yes

      PrioritizeNetworkReachabilityOverSleep:          0

      Standby Delay:          4200

      Standby Enabled:          0

      Battery Power:

      System Sleep Timer (Minutes):          10

      Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):          10

      Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):          3

      Wake on AC Change:          No

      Wake on Clamshell Open:          Yes

      Current Power Source:          Yes

      Display Sleep Uses Dim:          Yes

      Reduce Brightness:          Yes

      Standby Delay:          4200

      Standby Enabled:          0


    Hardware Configuration:


      UPS Installed:          No


    AC Charger Information:


      Connected:          No

      Charging:          No

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    Using the information from your previous post:


      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):          4971

      Health Information:

      Cycle Count:          191

      Condition:          Normal

      Battery Installed:          Yes

      Amperage (mA):          -1387



    the estimated time to empty from a full charge is: FCC / average current


    4971 / 1387 = 3.58 hours


    this is not as good as 4 hours but not as bad as 2