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Hi, I want to permanently delete some apps from my iPhone and iPad and have found instructions saying to go to the app tab in iTunes, but I cannot find any app tab?

iPhone 4S
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    To delete the apps from the phone or pad, hold you finger on one app icon until it starts shaking.

    Tap on the 'x' that appears on the top left corner of the app icon. Tap on any other 'x' for other apps you want to delete. Once done, press the home button to stop the app icons from shaking.


    The app tab you are refereing to is in the iTunes app on your computer.

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    Hi, I can delete them as you directed, what I want to do is permanently delete them from my devices so they cannot be just downloaded again. This is what has lead me to looking for an app tab in iTunes, which does not exist on my iTunes pages? Thanks

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    The App tab in iTunes will only show up when have the phone connected. Or, you can find the apps saved in iTunes by going to the Apps tab in the Device pane, the left side of the iTunes page. This will list the apps you have downloaded to iTunes.