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I wanted to know if anybody has made good experiences with the recycling programm by Dataserv GmbH (Switzerland)?

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    Dataserv ***** big time!

    I cannot understand that Apple is pushing this recycling service with this company. Living in Belgium, I obtained a quote for my Ipad3 (which is in very good condition), got the information and address label to send it to Dataserv in Mechelen (Belgium) from where it apparently is sent to Germany. I have the proof that the Ipad was delivered after 3 days, but since nearly 2 (two) months the status is still 'waiting for product'.

    Sent a couple of mails, but no answer so far. Tried to contact them by phone, but that also seems to be impossible. I'm really starting to believe that this is a scam!

    I'm trying to get in contact with Apple to see what can be done.