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Hi guys,


We are currently in the process of rolling out a bunch of iPads in my company.

These iPads are connecting to the internet using Wifi access points from our premises.


But for security reasons, intranet resources are not accessible from this dedicated SSID

and all network trafic is sent out and encapsulated to be routed directly to the internet,

giving no chance for our users to gain access to local resources.


The only resources which are reachable from this network are isolated into a DMZ (or kind of).


So that makes the Air Print protocol unusable. Apart from that Air Print protocol, is there

any other possibilities to print out docs from the iPad? I'm thinking of a kind of IPP server,

which of course should be accessible from the internet.


Any hints welcome.



iPad 2, iOS 5
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    AirPrint is the only native solution for printing from any iOS device and AirPrint will work only with WiFi devices on the same subnet as the iOS device. There are some third-party printing apps available, but all I know of similarly require WiFi access to some sort of local service on the same subnet, either a print server, computer with WiFi, or WiFI-enabled printer. If your network is such that your devices can only access resources on the DMZ or out on the Internet, I don't think you're going to be able to print unless you can find a server or service that could accept an emailed document and then print that document.


    Perhaps someone else here will think of a workaround I can't, though.



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    Try one of  HP ePrint solutions. These do not require being on a specific network.  An HP specialist can probably find a fit for your situation.

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    Thanks all for your answers,


    ePrint can be a solution provided we open an internet access to the printer, which I'm sure

    security guys will be reluctant to allow.


    It seems there's no magic here.