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Hi there. I recently damaged my iPhone 5 on accident. I was walking from my bus stop to work when I skid on a small patch of ice and my phone fell out of my pocket and landed on the pavement. It landed screen first. There are about 4 chips on the edge of the screen and a dent on top left of the phone as well as one near the headphone jack. There's also a scratch on the screen. I have troubles putting headphones in as it is damaged. It did not touch any water. Just the pavement. I live in Saskatchewan Canada so there is NO apple store in the province, the nearest store is in Albert Canada which is 5 hours away. I don't have the time to go there to pay the $230 to replace my phone (no AppleCare and credit credit, only prepaid). But in a few weeks I am going to Missouri USA for vacation, would I be able to replace it there? Or does it have to be in Canada because my phone is locked on a Canadian carrier (Fido)?


This may seem like a dumb question but I'm currently at work and can't make calls to Apple anytime soon. Busy with work and errands after work. Any info would be tremendously helpful. Thank you!

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