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I have never asked a question here before so don't know if anyone will be able to help...But I am having a few problems with my iphone 3gs, which is about a year old. I have noticed within the last week or so that the battery is running down a lot quicker than it did before. I called my network provider (3) who were pretty useless and basically advised me to oay £120 for a replacement handset, which I'm not prepared to do as I can live with the problem and am due an upgrade in 5 months anyway. One of the things they did suggest was restoring the phone to its factory settings via itunes. I did this, which all went smoothly - except for the fact that I was required to update to ios6 (something I had declined to do before as I thought it would slow the phone down). I am now noticing that, when I'm at home and connected to my home wifi I can no longer recieve a 3G signal (so dont recieve texts/calls etc). This has NEVER been a problem before and is causing me much annoyance as I have to keep manually turning the wifi on and off when I went to use the internet on the phone. Does anyone know why this would be and what I could do to stop this happening?!


iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 6.0.1