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My Macbook Pro slows down significantly these days and I do not understand why. I tried to clean install it  but did not help. When I checked in Disk Utility, the SMART Status was still 'Verified'. Now my Mac takes more than four minutes to startup, and pinwheel appears in every 30 seconds !!!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011)
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    khanhkngo wrote:


    I tried to clean install it  but did not help. ....and pinwheel appears...


    Since you have done a "clean install", hopefully meaning OS X and programs freshly installed from original sources (not restored from a  corrupted TimeMachine/backup data), then your problem is almost certainly a rash of bad sectors on the boot drive.


    The "pinwheel appears" is a classic sign and confirms it.


    These can occur from the factory, a failing drive (not failing according to SMART) or when the drive has been subjected to shock which the heads strike the platters and ruin them.


    One is not supposed to move a hard drive while it's in operation, even though Apple has put "Sudden Motion Sensors" it's not perfect.



    Ok to resove your issue you need to backup any user files to a external drive and disconnect.


    Use Disk Utility to erase the entire drive (10.6) or the Macintosh HD partition (10.7-10.8) with one difference.


    In 10.6 there is a Secure Erase Option: Zero All Data, in 10.7-10.8 it's the middle selection, do that and give it plenty of time to finish.


    Once that is done, install OS X again like you did before, your problems (hopefully) should be over.


    Reducing bad sectors effect on hard drives




    If your still having the same problems this is the possible reasons.


    1: The damage to the hard drive was so much that your drive firmware has run out of spare sectors, will need to be replaced.


    Install/upgrade RAM or storage drive in Mac's


    2: The 10.6 install disk is bad. Call Apple via phone (only) and order a new one and try again.




    Report back how it went, thanks.