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Hi, last week I went to purchase 2 iPhone 5's which were going to be under a new contract for Sprint, both me and my mother had to do a required $500 dollar deposit since we don't have credit yet, since it was a family shared plan, we thought it was only going to get charged on one of us, but it was both, the thing is we decided to cancel, and those $500 dollars were supposed to be returned within 2 to 24 hours. Well, it's been almost a whole week since that happened and we still have not received our money back, I lost my receipt, but I have bank proof that Sprint charged my account $500 dollars, it just hasn't been returned yet, so what can I do guys? Thanks.

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    Unfortunately, you are not addressing Apple employees here - we are just other users like you and can't help with such issues. You need to address the issue with the store. They should have a copy of the sales slip - you should get a copy of your receipt. You have proof of your cancelation? Use both when talking to the store.

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    Contact Sprint. Since they are the ones that charged your card, they are the ones you need to bring it up with. If you still have trouble, contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.


    Best of luck.