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iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    You have to give us more details.

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    This is a common problem since ios 6 update, Apple don't seem to want to acknowledge the problem, but there are torrents of the same complaints.


    I am able to answer calls by going to audio souce on the phone when I have acceted the call on handsfree and toggleing the outputs from car to iphone and back to car again.


    Apples lack of response on this is totally unacceptable.


    To be treated loke an idiot by Apple will not do future sales any good at all, I used to reccomend Apple but if this is the customer service we are now getting then I will not do so in future.

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    i just bought a CHEVROLET TRACKER 2014

    and i am trying to pair my iphone 5 with the car bluetooh radio.

    the cell find the car bluetooth, but when i click on pair, it says that the IPHONE 5 is no supported to thar device.

    please, help me, is there any way to update my bluetooth in my iphone? (thats what the told me in CHEVROLET, to update my cell, but my cellphone is up to date)