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I want to create a roaming wireless network in a building with several floors. I have Ethernet Cables running to all floors. I read that using one Airport Extreme as the router with Internet connection sharing you can use other Airport Extreme's (or Time capsules) connected via Cables to form a roaming WLAN.




The questions are


- do I really have to activate Interentsharing on the first Airport (that would be very annoying, as I run a routed network that interconnects several buildings with it's own DHCP servers and I need static routes on the Internetgateway)

- can I also use the Airport Express in Bridge Mode and connected via Ethernet Cable to the Airport Extreme to extend the WLAN to a Roaming Network?





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    The Airport extreme "is" the router.


    All the Airport Expresses become Access Points.  Turn off DCHP in the Airport Expresses.


    I don't believe you need to worry about the Bridged Mode feature in your situation.

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    To provide a roaming network in your setup you could use Extremes or Expresses - set each one to be in bridge mode - connected via ethernet - and then configure each one to "create" a wireless network with the same name and password and security type (WPA2 Personal) - if their networks overlapped, then a person with a wireless device could go from one zone to another with seamless connectivity - there might be a slight lag in the switchover on the signal indicator but the coverage would be continuous.

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    Thanks to everbody, so as I thought the roaming does not rely on one of the Extreme routers to be a "router". And nice to learn the Express can participate in that. Also good to know I just can leave an Extreme as a "router" but just switch of the DHCP feature.