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I have just put a sim in my iphone4 using virgin uk. It says 3G on my phone, but it doesn't work. Phoned virgin, they say they don't support apple ? Said I have to configure my iPhone myself so I can use 3G. Has anyone any ideas how I do this please

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Virgin in the UK is not a supported carrier. You'll have to work it out with them or choose a carrier that's actually supported.

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    Provided you have officially unlocked the iPhone via carrier and apple confirmation process , your Virgin Mobile sim will be recognized and you will b able to call and browse web and set up email.


    However you may NOT be able to send sms/mms.


    The iPhone and iOS do have the ability and software to allow you to set the APN codes manually for GPRS and Web browsing however its subject to sim card support.


    Many much/most sim cards issued by official IPhone carriers automatically set up these parameters and at the same time hide the console from view.


    MVNO operators (Virtual operators that use other carriers networks) such as Giff Gaff/Virgin/BT/Tesco have to build in access to the hidden menu so you can change it from the host network settings.


    To find out if you can modify the settings with the Virgin Sim do following


    Officially Unlock Phone (Network may make a charge typically £20.00)


    When unlocked swap out carrier sim and place Virgin sim in phone


    Switch off and on and wait for network connection to take place


    Tap on settings icon on phone the general/cellular

    If your sim supports the function tat allows you to set the APN manually you will see a section called

    Cellular Data Network Tab


    Tap on this and a panel shows up  where you can set the correct parameters manually.


    For Virgin Mobile UK these are


    Cellular Data

    APN:  goto.virginmobile.uk

    Username:  user

    Password: Leave blank (Nothing)



    APN: pp.vodafone.co.uk

    User name: wap

    Password: wap

    MMSC: http://mms.virginmobile.co.uk:8002

    MMS proxy:

    MMS message size:Leave blank

    MMS UA prof URL: default


    Enter all those then boot of and on to set.


    You should now have a working iPhone on Virgin UK.