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I'm noticing an issue with the iPhone 5. 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S never had this problem. The heat sensors in the new screen technology are so sensitive that the device does not function properly in cold climate. I was standing on the fantail of a ship I work on, ambient temperature outside was 44°F with a wind chill to 38°F. As I stated, I was at work and going inside was not an option. What I witnessed my phone doing is simply disappointing. It just will not work in cold weather. As winter sets in in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, I can't help but wonder if Apple is going to address this issue, is it a bad design? Or do some of us just have bad devices (depending on which Foxconn facility our device came from?) What I do know, I can't have a phone that doesn't work outdoors in winter. I have plenty of friends who are still using 4's and 4S's running iOS 6.0.1 and they are not having any issues whatsoever.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    There are few issues especially while typing P and Q on the keyboard.

    Not sure if it is hardware or software

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    Yeah, I noticed that as well. That might be a hardware issue as well. People ha said that it's some coding in iOS 6, the problem with that theory is that this issue is only present in iPhone 5 and 7th Gen iPod Touch. And it just so happens that these are the devices with the new screens. I would be interested to see how things develop as the iPad mini gets into more customers hands.

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    Hello.  This may be an anomaly with your phone as it seemed to be with mine.  My touchscreen wouldn't respond if the ambient temperature got down to the mid-50s F.  The promised ambient temperature range for operation is 32 to 95 F so I brought mine to an Apple store.  They didn't know how to test the issue so they replaced the device.  The replacement did not behave the same way and I even put it in a plastic bag in refrigeration for a few minutes (38 F or so) and it still functioned normally.  This lead me to believe the issue was just an anomaly with the first phone.  I would recommend calling Apple Customer Care beforehand, as they may be able to save you the hassle of dealing with the tech 'geniuses' at a store.

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    So I went by Apple two days ago. The 'genius' at the bar wasn't really interested in helping. However, he was sure to tell me that he has a droid and has no problems....Apple is really losing my loyalty here. The device is less than stellar, the software, especially maps, is embarrassing, and now you can't even get help in the store. Haha maybe I should switch to a droid.....