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After I upgraded my operating system on my mac, (from  Snow Leopard (10.6 ? ) to Mountain Lion (10.8.2), virtually ALL of my documents (recipes, update logs, information of untold things), have been denied to me with my Microsoft Word for Mac (which I have used since I purchased my mac in Aug.2008).

      I now get a window that tells me "You can't open the application "Microsoft Word" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported." (Needless to say, I cannot use Excel or anything else, either!)

      Yet, I can still access them, fully (read and even print fro them), individually, by dragging a file into my PREVIEW program!



      What gives?

      I am not a savvy programmer, nor do I confess to somehow being warned that this might happen when I upgraded my operating system.



     Is there any reasonable (easier?) way to continue the use of these (to me) very important files? I only upgraded because I upgraded my iPhone to a 4S and wanted everything to conform to  siimilar circumstances!



     What can I DO?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Using OFFICE FOR MAC after upgrade?