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We have several devices hooked up via WIFI to our Airport Extreme 802.11n v7.6.1: two iPhones (one a 4G, the other a 4S); two iPads (1st and 2nd generation), as well as a couple Rokus and a Wii.


My wife upgraded her 4S to iOS 6.0.1. Since she did that upgrade, she can no longer connect to the Airport Extreme. The other devices, with iOS 5.1.1 have no problems connecting. The Rokus and the Wii do not have any issues with connectivity. So it seems to be an iOS 6 issue.


I tried rebooting her iPhone. No change.


Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Xeon 16GB, SSD
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    Try forgetting network settings on the iPhone at Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


    This will erase all save wi-fi networks and settings from the iPhone, or before doing this try resetting the AirPort Extreme. Power off the AE followed by powering off the modem it is connected to. Wait a few minutes followed by powering the modem back on and allowing the modem to reset before powering the AE back on.

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    No, that did not work.


    A Google search led me to several other websites that report that many people who have upgraded to iOS 6 are having the same issues (I.e., WIFI no longer works). The only solution I have seen reported is to go back to iOS 5, but that seems to be a difficult process and can only be done under certain circumstances (you have to have a certain type of file backed up beforehand, etc.)


    I didn't want to upgrade to iOS 6 because I didn't wnt to lose Google Maps. Now I have another reason not to "up"grade.


    Does anybody else have any suggestions or ideas? I thank you in advance.

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    No such problem with my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 running iOS 6.


    Any problem connecting the iPhone to any other wi-fi network?


    If the same with any other wi-fi network and no change after restoring the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the backup, the iPhone has a hardware problem.


    If the problem is with this wi-fi network only, not with any other wi-fi network, the problem is not with the iPhone.



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    I experienced a similar problem at my in-laws with their airport extreme.  We purchase 4 iphones and all of them connect to the airport except mine.  I tried all the possible solutions I could find online with no success.  My phone would connect to any other wifi, just not that airport.  I stumbled into getting it connected.  I don't have any proof that what I did was the cause of my phone connecting to the airport, but anything is worth a try.


    In the Wifi settings I turn on the "Ask to Join Networks" so my phone would automatically join known networks but prompt me before joining others.  I did this to protect information on my phone but it may have been the key to connecting.  Then, when I was at my in-laws, I DIDN'T go into the WiFi settings and choose the airport and try to connect to it.  Instead I was just planning to use my data plan to access the internet. 


    I opened a new safari window and put in a website and hit done/search.  The phone then prompted me "Join XYZ Airport".  I was so excited I couldn't OK it fast enough.  Since then the phone auto connects whenever I'm there because it is a known network now.  I don't know if I was just lucky or if this will work for you.  I didn't plan for it to connnect, this is just what I did that led up to it working. 


    I consider myself a novice when it comes to technology but I know sometimes it's just about tricking it to work the first time. 

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    Most comments concern network connections.  I have onlly my 4s and iPad 3.  I have been unable to connect to my email, on either device, since i upgraded.  I have attempted each "workaround" but nothing seems to work.  As others have said APPLE denies knowledge of this problem.  And if 6.1.1 doesnt work, oh well? 

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    Ugh!! Mine started doing this about two weeks ago. One day I was laying in bed and saw that it had the 4g symbol and not the wireless one. I thought it was odd and checked my computer and my computer was connected fine. I went into settings and wifi and it wouldn't show any networks which is odd because I can connect to 6 wifi spots just at my house. I did a complete system restore and that made the problem worse. I didn't even have the option to have wifi, it was gray and could not click it at all. I was furious and apple refused to admit an issue after the upgrade to the new iOS.


    A couple day ago wifi worked again but only for two days. Now I'm back to it not connecting to any wifi. So frustrating. Any ideas or help...?