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I am exporting a project in the usual way (via media browser), but get the 'Missing  Media" message referring to one audio track I have imported via the  iTunes folder. This file, (along with a second audio file which is OK), both show in the right place when I 'Reveal in Finder'. The file is there when I check the 'missing file' path given in the error message. The project plays absolutely fine.

Earlier in the editing I dragged and dropped an audio file with the same name into the project from another folder from outside of iMovie. (Didn't actually know you could do this with iMovie, but it seemed to work !) Subsequently I needed to re-edit the audio, deleted the original file from the project and  saved the new file to the iTunes folder and them dragged it into the project via iTunes.

I have deleted the audio from the project and iTunes (several times) and re-saved my work but without success. I tried renaming the file to import and at one point the file name given in the "Missing Media" error was not the same as the file I imported.

Is iMovie trying to find my original file, and if so how can I delete it.

iMAC, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Have no idea - But I do this another way and have near to Zero problem with Audio in any of my projects in iMovie or FinalCut.


    • I never use any .mp3 audio or other alient formats - all converted to .aiff 16-bit 48kHz or 44.1kHz


    • In iTunes I do

    - Collect needed sounds into a New PlayList

    - BURN this as a standard Audio-CD (still .aiff - not .mp3)

    - use the files on this CD in my movies


    And by doing so I nearly never get any problems with AUDIO - I hit a lot of other's - but this is very rare to me.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Thanks Bengt for your input. I am still on that very steep learning curve with creating and managing audio and your comments have helped me to understand some of this. Quality was not so important for my project, so I stuck to the MP3 format.


    I have solved my problem: re-started my iMac and when I opened iMovie I could see several copies of my audio which were not visable previously and by deleteing them I was able to add in my MP3 file and all is well.


    iMovie had dropped out / shut down several times during the work I was doing, and I guess that this was part of the problem.