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Hi Im trying to get my iphone 5 up and running but constantly told to restore it and then get a fail and error 3004. Any ideas?

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    ChrisJ4203 Level 7 Level 7 (28,190 points)

    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes (10.7) and check this support document for information regarding the error message. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3694

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    Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (26,015 points)

    The OP was reading that support article that you linked to when posting the request. Check the subject line.


    To bret, read the article carefully and you will find a solution.

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    I must just be having a bad day. I think I'm going to quit for a while and let some people that are paying attention take care of things.........

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    I ended up calling Apple but while on the phone to them it seemed to resolve itself or they did something at their end. Anyway alls well now. Thanks all for your help

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    I was trying to update my iphone 5 to IOS7 and couldnt do it for 5 times then I did the following and was able to update it right away

    Clearing your DNS cache may resolve the issue and enable you to connect to the iTunes Store.

    The easiest way to clear your DNS cache is to shut down your computer completely and then restart. If you can't shut down, you can clear your DNS cache manually.

    1. Click Start and choose Run.
    2. In the dialog that appears, type “cmd” (don’t type the quotes) and click OK.
    3. After the DOS prompt (C:\), type “ipconfig /flushdns” (without the quotes) and press Enter. Make sure you enter a single blank space after “ipconfig.”

      Let me know if it solved the issue for you