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A few days ago I upgraded to 10.7.5. Since then I am NOT ABLE to complete a time machine backup. Last run was 12 hours and only 20% of the changes were backed up. In addition suddenly spotlight started to reindex and this also takes forever. Plus an important utility "EOS Utility" for managing pictures coming from Canon EOS cameras don't work any more. As soon as I plug in a camera the application quits.

All this was running fine before the last minor upgrade!

What's happening?

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    All this was running fine before the last minor upgrade!


    Yes it was. Now it's not:


    time machine slow in 10.7.5


    Time Machine backup very slow in Lion


    Summary: the upgrade broke Spotlight, which manifests itself in absurdly slow Time Machine performance.


    We just have to wait for Apple to fix it.


    Don't know if your Canon EOS utility is related or not. Probably not I would think.

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    Thanks. That really helped.

    That's amazing. Apple are now so arrogant they don't think they need to test their releases I guess.

    Their App Store won't work without Spotlight, and gives a retarted nonsensical error message if you disable Spotlight.

    You enable Spotlight and you can't do backups, even with all your files - except "Applications" - excluded from Spotlight and still it's as slow a s a dog.

    I guess you could make a 'start/stop' Spotlight script depending on whether or not you wanted to check for application updates or make a backup. Right now they are mutually exclusive activiteis on the "best operating system in the world' as they describe it.


    This is happening more and more since Jobs died. I guess they can hit more milestones and get more internal pay bonuses at the expense of the quality that he so strived for. Apple maps, another example.


    Turning into another Microsoft. If the 3 or 4 people that are doing all the design/innovation work all left, they've pretty much got nothing left.