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I am having very serious issues with Final Cut X. Please respond with clear, concise feedback, without assuming I know more then I know and your time is very much appreciated. I would classify myself as an intermediate beginner with FCP but its also been awhile since Ive needed to edit. I'm an amateur dramatic narrative filmmaker that has made two short films, one in 2006 and another in 2009. Both were cut on previous versions of FCP. In the past, I was always told to use a workflow that kept the files on an external hard drive with FCP running on my 2009 "17 MBP, the one wherein I can switch to a better video card.



I needed to re-edit my 2006 and bought FCP X to do that. My edits are somewhat layered with my sound design far less layered. But its not a vanilla edit. The editing process went fine, rare crashes until I got past my lock cut. When I started compounding clips, the crashes became more and more. And I barely could use such features as the hum and background noise reduction options, scoping, any of that without tons of crashes and my computer working at a snails pace. But I stuck with it and got the short film ready. I had already "shared" into a Master File, 2.3 GB, no problem. But now, everything is shut down. I cannot not share my final into a Master File or anything else.



This project is very time sensitive, its really stressing me out. I have no idea how FCP X handled all my somewhat complex editing fine but then when finishing, it gets worse and worse. The problems to be solved include:



How to resolve the freeze/crashing to create a Master File and other forms of sharing (web)?



How to get back to a workflow that pulls from an external hard drive?



How to get this project working from an external vs from all the files being pulled from my laptop?

MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)