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Since the latest upgrade to Apple TV (ours is Apple 2) we are having problems viewing Netflix.  It seems to be OK in the daytime but in the evening it cuts out in the middle of a film and we cannot go back to the Home menu to select something else or even try to re-download the film we are on.  Also we cannot turn the Apple TV off.  It just stays on until sometime during the night it decides to turn itself off.  This was particularly embarrassing as we had invited friends round to see how good the Apple TV was and we were encouraging them to buy one!  We are able to continue watching the Netflix film on an Ipad though so it cannot be a problem with Netflix.   It must be something to do with the Apple TV since the latest upgrade.


I have contacted Comcast today in case it has something to do with the internet speed.  They have suggested I contact Apple and find out the recommended wifi channel so that the TV will work well.  We also use a Windows laptop in the house (wired connection) and we have an Ipad, a Samsung Phone and an Ipod Touch too (wirelessly) but these are not always on at the same time as the Apple TV.  The only thing on wirelessly with the Apple TV is the Ipad though it might be left "sleeping". 


Then once I have this information from Apple they suggest I contact Netgear (the makers of our Netgear N300 Wireless router - WNR2000v3) and ask Netgear support team to adjust the wireless channel of the router to the channel that you recommend.


Please could you give me all the information that we need to make the Apple TV work correctly with Netflix, without adversely affecting our other devices. 


Our Ipad and Ipod Touch are operating system 6.01 but I don't know the Operating system number of the Apple TV.



AppleTV 2, iOS 5.1, Serial C07G9AA9DDR5,Model MC572LL/A