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macbook pro won't start up.. i left it in sleep mode and when i came back it won't start up.. can someone help me?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 5.1.1
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    Wide subject. Those may be daft questions for some but there are strange cases

    Did you do the obvious?

    Press hold power button for 10s and then press again to start up?

    Is the battery Ok or you are on power cord?



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    Also, try a safe boot, do a forced shut down (hold power button till it shuts down) Try restarting holding down the shift key, this will take longer be patient, continue to hold the shift until you see the progress bar and gear then release the key. Allow it to finish booting, then go to Apple menu>about this mac>more info>power and check all the nfo, ac power, battery and see if there are any things that look out of norm.  Shut down and try a smc reset.




    Read the articale and click the appropriate link, battery you can remove, battery you should not remove.

    Follow instructions, see if it helps.


    Could be a dying drive.(hope not)


    All the best

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    do you have a power source, it's just a question that might solve your problem, or do you have a battery that is good?