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Greetings all.


Please let me apologize in advance, this is NOT a strictly FCPX question. That said, I am hoping for some advice or perhaps an idea of where to go to get it from this group of experts.


I am a long time FCExpress user who has recently made the jump to FCPX. I also have been a longtime user of of a tape based HD camcaorder and am now going to switch to a solid state device. My wife and I are avid photographers as well as videographers and so we are contemplating the concept of using a DSLR for both still and video. In reading about this I am learning about the advantages and limitations of this method.


I would love to hear from others who have either made this switch or didn't because of what they learned. Specifically, we are considering the Canon Mark 5 III as the camera of choice.


We have a few Canon lenses already but would need to buy a microphone and stabilization rig (to go with our tripod). We understand the benefits of larger sensor size, shallow depth of field and better lenses. We also understand the limitations of lack of continual autofocus and more cumbersome shooting.


Still, VERY curious to hear others' opinios.


Thank you very much in advance!

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    I've been up and down about DSLR video. Currently I'm – on balance – postive.


    Audio: a decent recorder like one of the Zooms is easy to sync nowadays and can give outstanding sound.


    Video: Recording in true grogressive. Great image quality – especially  low light.


    Lens selection: Creative possibilities.


    On the other hand:


    Focus: Requires lots of advance planning for manual adjustment.


    Monitoring: Will need to invest in something.


    In general, many more moving parts,


    BUT…very unobtrusive to subjects. (Personally, I think that's huge, which is why I was shouting.)


    Good luck.



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    It depends entirely on what you shoot and how you shoot. If you are shooting setups, narrative fiction, crew, DSLR is fabulous. See all the features and TV shows that are using DSLRs. If you're doing run and gun, one man band, in my view you simply don't have the control on the camera to get the shots you want. How can you do a low angle shot when you can't see the viewfinder?