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I have a new retna display Macbook Pro. I have had it for 2 weeks and I am hearing a crackling sound coming from under the speakers (both sides) it sounds like the crackling that you would hear from a campfire. how can this problem be corrected?

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    Just in the past month, I've had a 'crackling' sound coming from my late 2011 MBP (and the 'campfire' sound is a good description). Mine only happens very rarely and only when I'm in clamshell mode (about 90% of the time of late).


    If your 'crackling' is on a regular basis (mine is just very occasional) and if you can reproduce the sound, I'd take it into your local Apple Store and have them give it a look. I doubt that it's anything serious, but it can be puzzling.


    BTW, I've read more about the crackling sound affecting Retina display models than non-Retinas.



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    Same here.  Does the noise ever go away for you?  I'm doing a time machine backup and then I'm going to take it back.  So far the noise hasn't gone away in over an hour.

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    If the issue is happening during audio use, there could be a level mis-match,(+4db/-10db, impedance mismatch...) if it is happening just running regular applications, I would bring it in. if not audio related (is it coming from the speakers or internally)

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    It is not coming from your speakers, it is probably your CPU cooler, mine had the same problem, and it turned out not to be the speakers, it was the CPU cooler

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    If it is the the cpu cooler/fans a smc reset might be in order, if the smc reset does not correct the issue, bring it in to the Apple store and ask for a replacement computer, seeing that it is only 2 weeks old.


    SMC reset:



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    you might be able to do it yourself, it is robably something between the blades... take the back panel off and check

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    Same problem to my computer.  Can you tell me if you succeed to resolve the problem ? Because I go to the Apple Store in 1 week