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I am moving up from iMovie to FCP X.  I have many old movies from VCRs and 8mm that need to be improved.  iMovie has a sharpening filter (Share > Export using Quick Time > Options > Filter > Sharpen) that does an OK job of improving the video.  I looked at the Compressor User Manual, and it seems Compressor also has a Sharpen Edges filter.


The only sharpening I have found in FCP X is: Effects > Blur > Sharpen.  This does not seem to make a signifiant difference in these old movies.  I need more sharpening.  Does FCP X have another sharpening tool that I have not found yet?  Where is it?


Assuming there isn't one, one solution might be to buy Compressor just to use its sharpening filter (a cumbersome workaround).  Do you know if that filter would work better than the one in iMovie?


Another option might be to use the Color Adjustment window in the Enhancements Menu to do my own sharpening.  That might give the best results if I knew how to use it sharpen the movies.  Can someone give me some direction on how to use the Color Adjustment window for sharpening, or refer me to a place where that is discussed?




iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)