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I recently bought a used iPhone 4 from a friend and brought it with me to Cambodia. The friend initited a request to AT&T to unlock the phone so I could use it, and the request was granted by AT&T. She forwarded me the email with instructions, but I have not been able to successfully complete the unlock. The instructions say:

  1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and verify that you have Internet connectivity.
  2. Ensure a SIM card is inserted into your iPhone.
  3. Connect your iPhone using the dock connector to USB cable that came with your iPhone.
  4. Backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes. For information on backup and restore, please visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414.
  5. After restoring, your iPhone will be unlocked.

When I try this, it refuses to recognize that there is a SIM card installed.


The instructions don't say it has be any particular SIM card, just "a SIM card" so I'm using my local SIM. I also tried a second SIM with the same result.


Any ideas why this isn't working or what I should try next?

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