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Hi. I'm in need of great help as I do not understand how this could have happened.


I had my firefox on, with multiple tabs and windows as I was doing intense research for a paper. My screen then freezes up, but my mouse could still work. Having experienced this before, I immediately pressed and hold the power button till my macbook pro shuts down.


After which, I switched it back on. To my horror, everything was resetted to factory settings: my desktop background was replaced, the fonts on the clock display were different. But this wasn't so bad.

After which, I realised that my dock went missing, together with the icons. I clicked the apple drop down menu, and my screen hanged momentarily, and in that moment everything on the screen disappeared (including the upper dock) for a few seconds and appear again. Meaning, i cant click the drop down.


Similar thing happened with my spotlight. Using the hot keys command-space, the dropdown appeared on the top right, but when i started to type, the screen disappeared and appeared again like before.


Finally i checked my applications folder, and it seems like all the applications are missing, like they have never been installed before! Their folders are there, but the icons and apllications themselves aren't. No applications/software installed- not even the utilities and system preference softwares that came with the macbook.


Luckily though, all my documents are safe. I just cant open them because my iworks and adobe are all missing and "not installed". I cant even access the internet. I'm doing this via my iPhone.


So basically i cant do anything because my apple drop down menu is unreachable, so is my spotlight, and my apps/softwares like system preference, utility are all missing. Is there a way i can troubleshoot this? Or make my macbook work again? I have already restarted and shutdown and switch it back on again near five times.


I know my explanation is long, but do help me if you can. I'm really at a lost right now...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)