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Ive manage to lose the iphone 5 on a bucket with a bit puke on it (Partied so hard last night).

And now the phones screen doesnt work properly(cant see anything).

And the worst part is I live in Norway and i bought the iPone from a private person that bought it all the way from US.

How will i be able to send it in to apple care and get it fixed when the purchase is not registrerd in my name?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    AppleCare for phones purchsed in the USA is valid only in the USA.  You can't send the phone from outside or have it shipped back to you in Norway.  You would have to travel to the USA or send it to a 3rd party there who would deal with it personally.


    Note that unless AppleCare+ was purchased along with the phone, the standard warranty does NOT cover physical or liquid damage such as you describe.  You would be entitled to an "out of warranty replacement" for $299 in the USA.  Apple does not service phones - only replaces them.


    If this USA phone was hacked to unlock in order to use in Norway, all warranty sevices are void and you will have to pay full price to replace.

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    OK. thats one bad news. But thatnks for the reply. that helped alot. So here´s another question.

    Do apple make repairs on this type of damage on any country or do i have to send it all the way to USA to get it fixed? or If I send it to a Norwegian apple repair would they then have to send it to the US to get it fixed?

    Not expecting to get answer for this, but i just tried

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    Already answered.  Re-read my last post.