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How do I move photos from iCloud to my PC?  All the instructions are to move photos the other direction, from my PC to the iCloud.

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    Hi, they should move automatically if cloud is set up correctly. Check your settings on the icloud control panel on the pc. when u download icloud on ur pc it should automaticaly make a photostream folder which has three sub folders inside it: my photostream, uploads (for moving pics from pc to iphone/ipad) and shared (photostreams u share with other people or that they share with you). The photos you take on your phone should go into the 'my photostream folder' automatically. for example if you take pics while you are out, as soon as you get home and into wifi range of the pc the photos should stream automatically. If you pics are showing on the photostream album of your phone/ipad (not just the camers roll) it means they have been sent to the pc. If the pc is not showing them in the my photostream folder then you are likely to have a problem with your settings. Make sure you are using the same apple ID on both the PC and your device (sounds simple but has caught a few people out). Also have a look which file the photos are set to stream to on the PC and check they are going to the right place. Also make sure you have photostream turned on on your device.