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iTune's menu item Preferences... produces a popup with a row of icons along the top including Devices.

A click on this icon produces a list of recent backups, below that two check boxes and below that (on my iMac) the statement:


iTunes is not paired with any Remotes


I don't understand this sentence. Neither paired nor Remotes.


I click the ? icon at bottom.


A Help Center page opens entitled iTunes Devices preferences.

What follows is a list of various Preference and Explanation pairs.


The last pair is:


Forget All Remotes <--> Click to disconnect every iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad paired with this iTunes library via the Remote app.


Is this circular logic for a Help page or what?


I type various Search terms in the box:


device pairing


pairing devices


There are various mentions of sharing, but I find nothing about pairing..


Can anyone enlighten me?


Many thanks in advance!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), LION