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I have a spreadsheet that I need to break apart into separate pages, each with the same header. AppleWorks used to have a Page Break function - How is that done with Numbers?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    set the header by selecting the first row of your table, then use the contextual menu for that row to set it as a header:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 1.04.24 PM.png


    Now enable print view for the sheet by selecting the menu item "View > Show Print View":

    Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 1.05.47 PM.png


    expand the table so it spans more than one page if you need more than one page

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    Numbers doesn't have a Page Break command or feature. It's a What You See is What You Get program, and if you want some content to move to another page you have to adjust the content manually until it looks the way you want it to. An easy way is to grab the Row Height control of the last row you wish to display on the current page and drag it down until all rows below have jumped off that page. Or, you could split the table into separate smaller tables by dragging them into pieces – a more laborious option.



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    I have the same problem but your solution doesn't work for me: I need the page breaks to stay put even if I insert/delete rows (it's a table holding items in alphabetical order so it should break at each new letter).


    My solution: I export the table in Excel and transfer it to my laptop. Not funny.. so I might as well get Office for Mac.



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    If you want a break after each change in the first character position, you will have to use separate tables for each possible first letter, leaving room for expansion as you add rows. I know it's not a particularly clean solution but a more automated way would involve much more complication in the programming of the document.



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    Thanks, Jerry,


    But there is no way I can use your solution now.

    The spreadsheet holds my music collections (around 2,500 CDs), split into 15 genres. So I already have 15 worksheets @ 1 table each (actually 16 if you count the Summary). Splitting each and every table in 26 separate tables would be a killer job that I am not willing to do.


    I still think paying $119 for Office for Mac would be much easier...




    P.S. OTOH, I prefer using Pages instead of Word so it looks like there is no perfect software world out there!


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    You are working in Database app territory.



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    This isn't the 'ideal solution', but has the same desired effect.


    Save a 'master' version of the Worksheet.


    Create two duplicates of the table in the Worksheet. 


    Then delete the columns you don't want/need from the first table and the duplicate table.


    Move tables onto their own sheet of paper.


    Repeat with the original table as often as you need.


    Save 'print' version of the Worksheet.


    Not automatic if you changes, but seriously, who prints stuff out that often anymore?