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Can it be done? I want to redo my VFT movie at 30 fps. I can go to the project browser and bring up my latest version. If I put its event footage in the event browser, I get the orange stripes. Now, if I click an orange stripe, the footage marked by that stripe is selected, with a yellow border delineating it. OK, so I can copy that to another project at the new frame rate. But I have 45 clips to do! And that means going back and forth between the two projects 45 times. Is there a way to select all the footage that's marked with the orange stripe? That would save me a lot of work. TIA.  --AEF

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    Normally I would do this by copy and paste. Go to the first project and select a clip. Then Command A to select All. Command C to copy. (Or from the menu, use Edit/Select All, and Edit/ Copy.)


    Then open your new project and click Command-V to paste all the clips. I am not 100% sure this will work when you are changing framerates, but it is worth a try.


    Another way...

    The orange bar shows that the clip is used. When you use the Event in another project, the orange bars will not show, because they are unused in the new project. It should be possible to mark those used clips in your first project as Favorites. Then when you open your new project, set the event to show Favorites and Used only.

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    The first method doesn't work. Each event is a single one-hour clip. So I bring up my 24 fps project, pick a clip in the project browser, and click Reveal in Event Browser. OK, this brings up the right event, but it's all one clip. Recall that the transfer company sent me 1-hour files. The movie has 45 clips, which are excerpts from the same 1-hour clip. I want to copy only the frames marked by the orange stripe.


    The second way at first seemed very promising. I was very hopeful! But the program found yet another way to foil my plans. Sure, I can click an orange stripe, which selects that footage. Then I can click the favorites button. But when I go to the new project with the higher frame rate, the footage marked by the favorites stripe is different! Arghhhhhhhh. Great idea, but iMovie had other plans, as they say.


    Looks like I'll simply have to copy them one orange-strip excerpt at a time. Hmmm. . . . Yikes. I just tried that. I brought up the movie, selected the first orange-striped clip, went to the new project, which is at 30 fps, pasted, and again got the wrong footage! :-|| (>_<)


    BTW, I actually tried selecting every clip in the 24 fps project, did a Cmd-C, went to the new 30 fps project, then did a Cmd-V. It picked up the wrong footage, and my 14m21s project was changed to 11m32s! This is the same ratio as 30/24. Evidently, it scaled relative to the entire event clip! As an example with made-up numbers: Lets say my 24 fps project used frames 30 thru 90 in the event clip. The 30 fps project then ended up with frames 24 thru 72. Nice, eh? :-|| (The favorites trick actually went 24/30 in the other direction! It picked up later footage!) (>_<)


    It's like my plasma-physics teacher once said about trying to keep the plasma confined in the magnetic bottle: No matter what you do, "the plasma always finds a way to get out." (or maybe it was "escape")


    Looks like if you have to change frame rates, you are going to have trouble!

    This is going to be a lot of work!!! I'll have to some how write down on a piece of paper the opening and ending frames of each clip when the 24 fps project is up and manually find them in the Event Browser when the new 30 fps project is up. Hmmm, will iMovie find a way to thwart this, too? Whew. I just tried it, and I know it almost had to work, and thankfully it did. Whew! <(o_o)


    Looks like if you have to change frame rates, you are going to have trouble!


    How about copying titles across projects? Titles with iMovie monocolor backgrounds. Can I at least do that somehow? I think I already know the answer.


    Thanks for giving it a shot!