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i have been trying very patiently but persistently to find out what has been going on with a recent repair and i don't feel like i am getting good answers so i am hoping for some advice related to Apple Customer Service. right now i feel like i am being kept in the dark by apple tech as to what is going on with my machine.




i have had the above computer since buying it almost 3 years ago and have always had to struggle with poor battery life (1 1/2 - 2 hours MAX) when only surfing on Safari and i have always gotten consistent beachball hangs upon opening Safari or Pages etcetera. at some point about a year and a half into owning it i ran a test with NOTHING ON at all and i got something shy of 3 1/2 hours. i've also had the usual issues with both the computer and the power pack being /extremely/ hot and with the fan noise being extremely loud.


since i am a returning mac user - and bought the laptop in order to convert the office fully over to mac OS - i did not get a chance to find the time to address these questions with apple until about a year into owning the machine.


the computer is now in the shop with a service battery alert and the genius bar (based upon my description of complaints) ran a set of tests and concluded they needed to replace the battery and the motherboard. based upon my extensive explanation of the persistent problems (and my pleas to take some time with the machine) they then apparently ran extensive tests after these two replacements and concluded that the computer was still failing.


so at this point it was sent off to a local facility in texas.


late last week i received an email from this facility indicating that they found no problems and asking for additional information. upon calling the phone number i was told that the genius bar manager discussed the situation with the facility and that they would be running further tests at the facility. two days later i received an email from the genius bar indicating that the computer was back at the genius bar and eveything was fine and it was ready for pickup.


at this point - and after having an extensive discussion with the genius bar on the phone - i have not been given any hard information as to why it was sent off or why it was sent back with no repair. however, i have been repeatedly told that the computer should be getting 5 - 6 hours of battery life (and ostensibly no beachball hangs) /if/ i don't use ChronoSync or Carbon Copy Cloner and that this was tested while running:


1. iTunes with Visualizer

2. Pages (with apparently no activity)

3. Activity Monitor

4. Safari (with a constant refresh)

5. Screen at 50%


i am concerned that i am going to get this computer back and i will again have 1 1/2 hours of battery life doing something normal like surfing Safari as i am concerned that the restrictions that they are placing on my usage are un-realistic for a pro level computer.


however, every time i try and discusss this with the genius bar i end up in a discussion about why they don't have any record or my bringing it in within the first year (i guess they say this since i say i have always had this problem but i haven't had the /time/ to troubleshoot this type of problem). i mean, i have always just taken the "path of least resistance" and dragged the power cord with me if i move from one room to another one with the machine. ALSO, mac tech is now telling me that the fact that i have a current version of Adobe Creative Suites loaded (i bought it at the mac store for $1200 but i only /ever/ use it on the mac pro) may be reason enough for poor battery life. if i try to explain that i am not using this software on the machine it goes nowhere.


in short, i don't feel like this computer has ever performed adequately but every time i try and address this i feel like i am either getting questioned about what i am saying or i am being provided an unrealistic set of restrictions for use with this machine.


does anyone have any suggestions for a good way to address this with the Mac Customer Assistance person who has been helping me shortly after the computer went to the genius bar? also, is there some set of terms or words or is there a technical report or something that i can ask for that will let me get some more insight into what they have tested, why it failed and then failed again and then apparently passed?



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), with 64 bit Win7 Parallels
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    re-reading here:


    in the third to last paragraph i should probably have said: "I guess they say this since i am always trying to indicate that the computer has /always/ behaved in this and that since they don't see my bringing it in within the fist year they have some questions as to if this is in fact the case, even though i try to explain that i have not had the /time/ to troubleshoot the problem due to work related constraints..."

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    When you get the computer back use activity Monitor as described in this article to examine your typical memory use:


    Using Activity Monitor to read System Memory and determine how much RAM is being used


    You may be trying to do too much in too little real RAM memory. This will run the Hard drive too much, overheat the machine, run the fan too much, and ruin the battery life.

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    hi grant. thank you.


    checking back in here. this has been a /very/ frustrating issue. it has also been technically much more complicated than i would have ever imagined. i have a 2006 mac pro with almost the same amount of ram in it (actually 13 GB) and i don't have any of these performance type issues.


    anyway, does this answer apply as well if i neglected to mention that i bought 8 GB of ram to put in the machine about a year or a year and a half after buying it when i finally got a moment to deal with this? i just got so frustrated wasting all my time i figured it would be more cost effective for me to max out the ram. i mean, if i have the /MAX/ 8 gb of ram /already/ in the machine is there something specific to look for with respect to this article?


    i guess i am having a really, really, really hard time imagining that my rather limited use of the laptop - when i do almost ALL of my production work on the desktop - is somehow too taxing for a circa 2010 pro line mac laptop with the maximum of 8 gb of ram put into it. i work so slowly and in such a limited manner on this laptop that i am talking about really, really mundane kind of tasks here. i guess the bottom line is that if i see one particular piece of software chewing up a lot of my 8 gigs then i know i can't run this software and get any decent performance?


    ALSO - can you please tell me the best way to test all of this if i am looking to document it?


    1. I fully charge the batter, DELETE any items listed in the startup items under users, shut down the computer, start up the computer and then turn on Safari and let the computer run on the desk without power and see how long a battery life i get?


    2. then i turn on Pages and see if i get a beachball hang?


    3. can i run some kind of benchmark test on my end?


    4. other ???