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My iPad is only showing the apple icon.  This just suddenly happened.  We have charged it and it was working early yesterday.  My iTunes won't even acknowledge.  After plugging it into my computer, it now shows a battery with little red (like it is charging).  It doesn't appear to be holding the charge and iTunes still won't acknowledge.  Is there anything else I can try.

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    You should charge the iPad for a while using the power adapter plugged into a wall socket. Your computer's USB port is not supplying enough power to recharge the iPad battery efficiently - even though it mat actually be trickle charging the device.


    After you have charged the battery for a while, try restoring using recovery mode. It may take a few attempts in order for this to work, so don't quit if it does not work the first time that you try it.


    Read about recovery mode here.

    iPad: Unable to update or restore