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I'm at my wits end on my wifes MacBook (4,1). I've replaced the battery with a NewerTech hi-capacity and I've replaced the battery connector. The only way I can get it to recognize the battery is to reset the PMU. However, this only works for a few days, and then again, I start getting the battery icon with an X. Reset the PMU, battery is recognized. Even when the battery isn't being recognized, if I disconnect the power, it will run off of the battery, just doesn't give any indication of how much charge is left. The only other thing I can think of is that the PRAM battery is bad or just the PMU is flaking out. Any other suggestions? Running 10.7.5

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    Does the MacBook work normally with a different battery than this one? If so, the problem is with the battery. If you do not have one to test with, carry the MacBook in to an Apple retail store or service provider.


    Best of luck.

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    It's not the battery. This is the 2nd battery I've purchased thinking that was the initial problem, sent the first back and bought the NewerTech.