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I'm new to OSX. I bought a macbook pro only because it had 16 gigs of ram and as a graphic design student, I needed something powerful and portable.


Anyway, I wanted to install some fonts I had... A bunch of fonts. So me, being the dumb osx noob, poured them all into fontbook at once. I then realized it was stupid to do that because now none of them are organized. So I right-clicked a font, opened it in finder, and deleted all the fonts in that folder, becuase I assumed that was the fontbook folder. I had done some reading about fontbook before, but apparently not enough. Then I got worried, becuase ALL the fonts were gone and not just the ones I had installed myself. So I tried the restore option in fontbook, but it said they weren't on my system! And that I had to re-install OSX!


I don't want to re-install OSX. I have alot of stuff on here, including Adobe Design Suite that only has two installs per-key, right? And I also want all my fonts back front adobe as well.


I just made a huge mess of everything and I need some OSX techies to help me fix it x.x.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)