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I have a pristine iPhone 4S (Sprint, 32GB) that I would like to turn off. It was my daughter's, but she gave it back to me after she and her fiance move to another carrier and purchased their own devices. We restored the iPhone to factory settings and then tried to shut it off for awhile since I'm not ready to activate it on a new number/account. But it will not stay off. Holding the Home/Sleep buttons does not do it -- it always restarts. I'm starting to get the impression that this is deliberate, and that Apple does not want a non-activated phone turned off. Is that possible? In my entire life I have never even heard of an electronic product that could not be turned off, other than by letting the battery go dead, but apparently I'm holding one. Does anyone know a secret keystroke or handshake or incantation that will really turn off an iPhone?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, Sprint, 32GB, white
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    if you hold down the sleep button, a slider should come down that you can slide to turn the phone off. after a few seconds and a spinning wheel in the middle of the screen, the phone will be off.

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    I should have been clearer: The normal power off mechanism where you hold down the Sleep button for a few seconds does cause the "slide to power off" screen to appear. So I slide the slider, the little spinning wheel appears, the screen goes blank -- and then in about two seconds the Apple logo appears and phone restarts, every single time. This is a like-new iPhone that has never been dropped, never gotten wet, and never had any problems at all until I reset it, which is why I'm thinking this is purposeful behavior, for reasons I do not yet comprehend.

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    This is caused by a short in the power circuity, often of the charging port. Clean the charging port of the iPhone with a clean dry toothbrush. See if fixed. If not and there is Warranty or AppleCare, make Genius reservation and take to Apple for resolution. If no coverage, clean the charging port with the toothbrush and some Isopropyll Alcohol.

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    I saw that suggestion in another thread, including a response where someone said it had worked. So I lightly brushed the port with a dry toothbrush, and blew it out with a duster, but same behavior. Could well be something going on there anyway, considering that even the battery is down to nothing in about 14 hours even with WiFi & Bluetooth off. It does have AppleCare, so I guess I will need to humbly consult with a Genius, sigh.

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    FYI, the Genius agreed that I have a dysfunctional iPhone and replaced it under warranty. Smart guy. (The replacement does power off, and stays powered off.)