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I would like to question the pricing on ATV. Multiple points if you please.


* why is it that when I see a special for say $10 movies and under, there is movies for $15. I purchased one without checking the price thinking it was $10, only to find out I got charged more.


* why is it that movies on ATV are on average $5-$10 more than a DVD in a store. Surely the fact that there is no tangible product should keep the price down a bit (I am in Australia)


* has anyone heard when Australia will be able to subscribe to NHL etc.


* Finally on a bit of a side subject, I have a few movies such as Kill Bill and Schindlers List that have lots of subtitles, what program would you recommend so that I can pull the subtitles over to itunes when I want to digitise my dvd collection.


Thanks for input and insight.




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