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Hello,I am a user from China,.

Though my English is poor,I still hope to get help from yours.

Thank you very much!


I have a ipad3(new ipad).I bought it just 3months ago.

I used the app(moliplayer HD for ipad) to play a video yesterday,a cartoon of Brave,which is 720P's mkv.


The cartoon is this one below ,I'm not sure whether this kind of video is hard to play.


And the video was played quite not smoothly,even I can't go on watching the video,which made me fidgety.

Then,I seach some information about this online,and I found there are a lot of users who met this problem,and they used different apps to play 720P-video.


I just want to know why?

In my imaging,ipad is so good to offer an amazing performence.

But why it even can not play a 720P-video well.


Is there somewhere I wrongly set up?

Or,I used a wrong APP? By the way,I still don't know how to use the app which came with ipad,to play this video.

Please tell me ,Thanks!



iOS 5, new ipad