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Has iOS 6.0.1 fixed the previous bugs? Requesting information.

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  • WDI Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    And another one...


    The YouTube app provided by YouTube doesn't airplay video to apple tv. I know this is YouTubes app. But again the Apple YouTube app provided by ios 5 had no problems...

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm on 6.0.1 now but it's the same with 6.0. Since you've done a restore and started from new not backup, try reducing the location services that you don't need. That's the only thing I can think of.

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    We need to talk about how terrible the App Store is.  Especially on the ipod 4th G. Sluggish, slow and obvious it doesn't have enough RAM for it.  I hate when you search and scroll then tap on something to read more about, then when you go back it starts you back up to the first app in the search.  Piece of garbage thing. 

  • jsenuta Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    Yeah I know how all this feels. I was downloading Minecraft PE on the App Store. I tapped install, it said installing then went back to install. I have erased EVERYTHING and now I can't get ANY apps. The only things I have are the original apps. I either hate my iPod Touch 4th Gen or the software. Ugh.

  • Empire_1 Calculating status...

    True that. The iTouch 4 is horrendous... even running basic apps like Safari causes it to lag out or crash. Playing CPU hogging games is not a satisfying experience, if you can even get it to work (ie: COD Black Ops). The screen is a cheap version of the iPhone's, lacking IPS and having a yellowish tint. The camera is equally bad (at 0.97 megapixels, my old Samsung Highlight piece-o-excrement phone beat it with 3 mp). And the design is ugly.


    Recently I finally decided I had enough. The iPod 4 wasn't a bad device, at least not 2 years ago, but the times have changed and developers and software had moved along with the hardware. The iTouch 4 just isn't on par with the current demands. So I got an iTouch 5th gen... and it's amazing. Like magic, the old problems that plagued the iTouch 4G was gone. No more frustrating lags/crashes. No more blurry camera quality. No more steel back that scratches up the instant you set it down on a cloth. The new iPod is no longer reminiscent of a cheapskate iPhone knockoff.


    The only way to solve the problems of the iTouch 4 is to upgrade. Honestly I believe there is no other way. The software is only get more demanding and you'll need the hardware to match that.

    I sold my old iPod for $75, so I basically paid $199. A lot of sellers on eBay charge >$80 for iTouch 4s and the sell pretty quick, especially if in good condition. I would consider taking a look.


    Hope this helps!


    Sent from my iPod Touch 5G (hehehe)

  • WDI Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I don't think the ipod touch 4G are cheap. They are very nice and have been extremely impressed with the retina display. I've been very happy with the quality of the 4G and my older ipods as well.


    My only complaint is the performance going from ios 5 to 6. Seems ok now but like I mentioned I had to turn a lot of stuff off. Also, some previous functionality has been lost as mentioned above. Like going backwards.


    Another one I noticed is music doesn't always continue from where I left off. Sometimes it starts from the beginning of the album or something. Never had this problem with ios 5.

  • Empire_1 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I didn't think they were cheap either until I bought my iPod touch 5G. I guess it's more relative than actual. But ultimately, the new iPod is a leap in quality, design, and performance.


    A good review on it:


    The reason for the performance problems is again, the lack of sufficient hardware in the 4G. The A4 is venerable, but starting to become quite lousy at handling demanding operations, such as extensive multi-tasking, huge games, etc.

    My sister still has a 4G and I ran them side by side.


    Here's some things I tested (tested at full bars Wi-Fi)..


    Opening Music:

    5TH GEN: Instanteous. Smooth and the whole list of songs instantly appear. No lag when skipping tracks.

    4TH GEN: Fast, but just a tad slower upon startup. Experienced some lag when skipping tracks, but hardly noticeable.



    Browsing Safari:

    5TH GEN: Fast and fluid, the A5 handles operation quite well. Opening and closing tabs are quite smooth. No crashing. The speed web pages load is obviously much faster than the 4G, but that's because the 5G packs dual band Wi-Fi.

    4TH GEN: Usually zippy, the 4G is noticeably slower, but not annoyingly slow. The 5G may be consistently faster by 3-5 seconds when loading web pages due to its antenna, but that trivial amount of time most of us can live with. The main trouble here is the 4G often suffers crashing. I crashed on sites that had extensive graphics (ie Apple's own site) or sites running lots of Javascript or other coding.



    Opening App Store/iTunes Store:

    5TH GEN: Near instaneous.

    4TH GEN: Mind-numbingly slow. I really do not understand why it takes so long. Why make App Store so painfully slow? Don't they want us to buy stuff?



    Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies:

    5TH GEN: Good. Performance is acceptable, there occasionally is some lag. My friend's iPhone 5 handles this game much more efficiently, but his phone has nearly 3x the processing power under the hood.

    4TH GEN: Unfortunately... unplayable. I rarely even get past the loading screen if lucky. When I finally do start the game, the game lags so terribly that gameplay is not fun and painful to play. The device is slow to register my responses as I attempt to avoid the zombies. Soon I'm somehow surrounded yet I'm technically saved since the 4G crashed so I actually didn't get eaten alive. This is the most compelling example of the lacking of power of the 4G.




    I don't mean to trash the 4G, I still think its a good device. I've actually owned two of them previously. In all however, times have changed and the 4G can't keep pace with the software being released currently. And the software will only keep getting more demanding.


    Back to the topic at hand of fixing iOS6 bugs, I still believe the best resolution is to upgrade to a newer device. The 4G is beginning to show its age. The new 5G experiences none of the iOS6 bugs (unless you count the Maps app) described here. Just wait until iOS7 rolls out. In the unlikely event that Apple even releases it to the 4G, I highly doubt the A4 could efficiently handle it.


    And that's my 5 cents. Thanks for reading!

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm sure everyone here realizes that the 5G is a great device that handles everything as it should. Why though do they have to update a device knowing the hardware isn't sufficient enough?  As I said before IOS 6.0 was a good update for speed and scrolling of the device, but it sorta hides the other problems it causes. For example not able to keep an app open in the background if you wanna do something else. I hate having to open my yahoo messenger app every time and starting me from the sign up screen. Same thing happens with all the other apps as well.

  • WDI Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Not only the app store, which has improved since the release of ios6 as far as crashing, but the itunes store is slow, slow, slow and crash under ios 6. Even with everything turned off. I mean if you crash like 3 times searching the itunes store and it's so slow what do you do. You say forget it and turn it and don't bother trying to look for anything.


    I'm still getting tuns of crashes with everything turned off in ios 6. I'll wait for a patch to 6.0.1 (i'm still on 6.0.0). But i'm seriously concidering trying to get back to 5.

  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Very true, it's slow, sluggish and doesn't put you back to your spot when you go back and continue scrolling through apps in like top charts. I feel that iPod is not first priority for them cause its iPhone/iPad first iPod touch is for the younger generation. 

  • J.Davis4042 Calculating status...

    I have had new problems like my imessage page wont load and then it will stay a  white screen and then it will crash


    i think there should be a new update


    (could just be my iPod Touch 4g though but its virtialy new so probabaly not)


    this was on ios 6.0.1

  • J.Davis4042 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    that solution did not work


    (im not sure what close down all apps means)


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