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hey guys,


so i recenlty purchased a 27" imac this week. ive always used bootcamp for gaming and to expediate transferring my bootcamp partitions from my macbook to my imac i made an image of it with winclone and then restored it to the partition i made on my imac.


after that i started up starcraft 2 in bootcamp and about 3-5 minutes into the game my computer suddenly shut down.

it also shut down with Trine 2 about the same amount of time into the game.


i figured this was a fan problem, the fans werent running at all while i was gaming and having everything on highest graphics settings i assumed the fans should be working to some degree.


i then updated everything i could because i assumed drivers were causeing the problem.


i updated windows, bootcamp, my AMD video driver, everything i could think of.


the problem still remained.


for whatever reason windows just isnt regulating my computer's temperature.


my solution was to download lubbo's fancontrol for windows and voila the fans kicked on and im able to game for hours on end without my computer overheating and shutting down!


however, i notied that the program wasnt reading my computer temperatures either, it says 90C for every temperature reading even when my computers sitting idle. so this essentially means the fans are ALWAYS on in windows which isnt a huge priblem beause if im using bootcamp im gaming and need the fans on so it doesnt bother me if they're beaing a little overproductive during those times.


HOWEVER, whats really bothering me is that once i boot back into mac the fans kick on and run full blast as soon as they get a chance to. i have a temperature reader saying my temp is  below 50C and they're still blasting away.


so i shut down the computer and unplug it for 15 seconds (reset the SMC) and the fan works properly again! yaay.



my question is, how do i fix the fan/temperature managment in windows properly and how do i get my smc to stop being screwed up every time i switch between bootcamp and mac? am i experienceing hardware issues? i would hope thats not the case, my computeres not even a week old.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 3.4 ghz i7, AMD 6970 2gb gpu