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I click my pictures on my Nikon D7000 with picture control set to "vivid" or "landscape" & file type set to RAW.  After i import RAW images in Aperture version 3.3.2 and view the same first in the browser the picture look the way i have clicked. To see the picture in viewer the  Aperture presents the photo quickly with a 'Loading ' message (which lasts about a second or more) at the top center of the photo and after that the picture changes to very dark- the white balance and exposure changes and I get some noticeable vignetting in the corners with the picture turning very dull and dark.


I open the same file in Nikon ViewNX2 the picture looks the way i have shot it...



Can someone explain what is happening? Is this something that has to do with the importing of RAW files?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Both your camera and the ViewNX2 software are made by Nikon. This allows the software to read and understand all the information in the RAW data file. Any other software vendor has to 'guess' at reading and understanding all the information in the RAW data file (this includes Apple).


    There is a JPEG file (embedded by the camera itself) in the RAW data file. This is the image you see on your camera screen as well as what you are seeing displayed immediately by Aperture when you import an image. This is how Aperture deals with allowing fast viewing on import.


    After the image has been imported and you see the embedded JPEG image, Aperture will eventually render the RAW data file into a viewable image using OS X Camera RAW compatibility support function. This will attempt to read the RAW data file and render an image based on Apple's settings. Since Apple may not be able to read all the RAW data information in the Nikon RAW format, it may not match the embedded JPEG file (which was created by the Nikon camera). This typically includes many of the custom settings in the camera. This is not just a Nikon / Apple issue, but can be seen with many or all of the other camera manufacturers. Apple simply doesn't have the inside information from these companies needed to read and understand all of the RAW data file information.


    Note - this is also true for products from Adobe, DxO and Phase (to name a few). The results from these companies vary, but still don't exactly match the embedded JPEG's.


    You will need to spend time in the RAW Fine Tuning brick to come up with settings that meet your taste to match the embedded JPEG result if that is your end goal.


    Note - if you shoot RAW + JPEG and import both as Master for a while, you can view them side-by-side to work on coming up with custom settings for the RAW Fine Tuning brick. Once you are happy with the settings, you can create a custom preset in that brick with the 'Action' menu (little gear icon) and set that as your default RAW import setting.


    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Corky02,


    Thanks for your reply and sorry for delay in responding to your suggestions.


    I totally understand what you are saying and since i have used lightroom and Nikon produced software i have and noticed these changes before....


    Even earlier when Aperture opened RAW files there was a subtle change which could be managed but after the recent upgrade there is a big change with pictures turning dark... very depressing see your bright picture become dull and dark..


    The reason i purchased Aperture and chose above lightroom and Nikon software because i wanted one software to care of all my requirement and since i am not into heavy editing Aperture suited my purpose well but not anymore. Its giving me grief now.


    Sorry, can you make me understand the last para of your suggestion or provide links which help me understand what you are saying.

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    No problem.


    Click on the grey link text 'Importing RAW + JPEG Image Pairs' on the link below to understand how to get both files imported:


    http://documentation.apple.com/en/aperture/usermanual/#chapter=4%26section=6%26h ash=apple_ref:doc:uid:Aperture-UserManual-91292IMP-SW5


    Note - make sure to expand the 'To filter RAW + JPEG pairs during import' section to understand the options.



    In your camera, you should be able to set it to shoot RAW + JPEG by selecting 'P' on the shooting mode dial and then going into the shooting menu of the camera. Refer to your user guide for specifics as I shoot a Nikon D80 which may differ slightly in menu options.


    There was a discussion at the link below that brought up a Canon camera issue where importing would result in the images being at least one stop darker when rendered by Aperture 3.3.2. Although it starts out talking about a Canon specific issue, there are some in that discussion that shoot Nikon and are seeing the same:


    http://www.apertureexpert.com/tips/2012/7/31/canon-eos-5d-mk-iii-1d-x-highlight- tone-priority-aperture-pr.html


    There is a user who used to post here alot named RW Boyer. He has a web site and is offering some Nikon D7000 presets for Aperture that are supposed to match the in-camera shooting modes. The link below outlines his offer:




    Note - he is asking $4.99 for the presets. I am not sure what impact the current version of Aperture 3.3.2 and the darkening of some camera files may have on these presets. If Apple finds they have an issue with the current RAW Compatibility version and updates it, the issue may be resolved. So purchase at your own risk of whether or not the presets will work for you in the long run.


    In the second section of the post in the link below, Joseph Linaschke talks about importing presets (which had some problems in AP 3.3.1) and are supposed to be fixed in AP 3.3.2. His procedure should allow you to successfully import the presets from RW Boyer if you decide to purchase them. If I am not mistaken, Joseph was with the Aperture marketing team until 2007 or so.




    Note - the preset outlining is below the main post section of Aperture 3.3.2 available.


    Additionally, if you want to set up your own presets, then the link below outlines the basics:


    http://documentation.apple.com/en/aperture/usermanual/#chapter=17%26section=8%26 hash=apple_ref:doc:uid:Aperture-UserManual-91292AOV-1009422


    Lastly, connecting to the first part of this comment and referring to my last paragraph in my first comment; you could import the RAW + JPEG pairs set to 'Both (Separate Masters)". This will give you two files for each image captured (assuming you set the camera to shoot 'RAW + JPEG'. You could then display them two up / side-by-side to allow adjustment of the RAW version to better match the JPEG version. At this point, you can save the settings as a preset to apply to future RAW files. This could be a tedious process, so it is up to you. RW Boyer may have done all the work for you in his presets, so that may be a better option, but at least you have control either way.


    FWIW, I shoot with a kit lens that has since been discontinued (Nikkor 18-135mm) which has some significant distortion and CA, but is sharp accross the lens. I therefore use a program called 'DxO Optics Pro 7.5' to pre-process my files. The end result is a JPEG that is crisp and clean. I then import into Aperture for organization and basic touch-up (Crop, Straighten, Enhance).


    Since I only keep the capture's I am happy with after DxO processing, I can use this method for my purposes. Many users here really like the possibilties of RAW and the ability to rethink their decisions in the future without losing file data. I tend to just enjoy sending memories to friends and family, so for me; Aperture is sort of a pro version of iPhoto for holding memories (I actually use Photoshop full-version for more advanced stuff since that is what I learned before the whole RAW thing showed up). Probably too much personal taste detail, but there you go.


    One day - perhaps - we may see Aperture incorporate some non-destructive lens correction functionality in line with it's other abilities.


    I hope that helps in some way.

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    I have the same problem. I shoot with 2 nikon one D300 and one D7000. When i import both files in the same project the picture taken wit the D7000 are at least 2 stop down. But when i edite the image aperture display it  with good exposure then i have a processiong wheel  and my pict get its black layer on it.