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I needed to import on my mac pro over 100 pictures from a flash drive of jpegs for a presentation.  The presenter had titled these jpegs only by number as there were so many and he needed to preserve the order of the pictures.  As I imported them, iphoto sorted by date as default, but I could not then sort by title as it would not recognize "number"..and due to time constraints, he could not rename by alphabet, keyword, as that would have been too time consuming...and even if he renamed by alphabet, that only allows for 25 photos...unless you are creative.  Is there a way to have iphoto import preserving the integrity of how they are loaded on the flash drive?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    1 - importing photos copies them exactly - no changes at all - and preserves all the integrity of the photos


    2 - viewing the photos is a function of the viewing program and how you choose to sort them - If the titles were put on correctly and eported correctly so they are available to iPhoto as titles then you can simpy open the event and unser the view menu sleect sort photos by title


    3 - files have no "order" - they are bits on a mass storage device with a directory that tells the computer how to find the bits for a particular file - the only "order" is given by the viewing program and most have several available - some (like the finder) work with file metadata and some (like iPhoto) work with photo metadata which may or may not ahve any relstioship to the file metadata



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    The photos were all imported just fine,....but not in the order that they were listed in on the flash drive.  He had them titled in this way:  jpeg 1, jpeg 2, etc...they were not imported in that order (1,2,3,etc)  They we imported by date the picture was taken.  So, when i went to "view" in the menu and asked it to sort by title,  it would not sort by the way they were listed, of course, because they were not titled using alphabet , keyword,etc...any of the other options to sort.  Perhaps my question would be, how would you organize and title photos on a flash drive so that they would be imported "in order"  (as in 1-100)as you want them presented in a slide show.  The titles are negligent, but the order of the pictures is extremely important in the type of presentations i need to have ready quickly. 

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    Jpeg 001

    Jpeg 002

    Jpeg 003