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I am unsure how to go about moving the OS files to the SSD properly. I use Lion OS and Windows 7 frequently and will be putting both OS's on the SSD while utilizing my HD for data. I will be moving the HD to the optical bay, and putting the SSD in the place the HD was, to utilize the SATA 6 connectors with the SSD rather than the HD.


I am not exactly sure how to do this. I know how to copy over the OS, but will my bootloader read the OS from the HD if I move it to the optical bay? If it doesn't should I just copy over my files with a USB adapter to the SSD and then move the data files over to the HD once I get them installed properly?


It should be noted that I do not care about data lose on the Mac partition as it is mainly for internet browsing and other non-important things. I do however care about my windows partiton as it is all my work files/applications.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)