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    bjbru wrote:




    It must be something with the wifi tech in iPhone, and if it can be broken by a software update, hopefully it can be fixed by a software update.

    Do you (or anyone else in the various threads on WiFi issues after updating to iOS6) give any credence to the possibility that the update to iOS 6.x.x exposed a previously hidden defect in various routers and is not the fault of the update at all?


    I ask this because so many in the various 'my WiFi doesn't work properly after the update' threads also state that WiFi on iOS6 does indeed work in some (or one) locations but not others, i.e. works at home but not at Starbucks, operates properly at home but not at work (or the reverse), etc.


    The fact that the update does not fail at all locations is a strong indicator that the fault lies not with the update but with a previously unexposed defect external to the iOS device.  One of the most often cited defects is that the failing router is not capable of properly handling IPV6 traffic and IPV6 is required by iOS6 but was not required in previous versions of iOS.


    That being said, while I maintain that Apple has done nothing wrong, they have been a bit less than smart in requiring IPV6 at such an early date as it has clearly caused quite a bit of grief in the real world.


    So far, I have not experienced any of the most often reported problems with the update, but then I use Apple AirPort Extreme and Apple AirPort Express routers which fully support IPV6.


    I don't believe the networking in iOS6 is free of defects, for I do have one problem with WiFi and the update but it only happens on my iOS devices with both WiFi and cell networking.  If I am at home with a full WiFi signal and watching a video the WiFi connection will suddenly disconnect and drop back to using the cell networking.  Settings shows that the WiFi has been disconnected even though the signal remains at maximum.  If I turn off cell data the WiFi disconnect never happens.  This is an iOS6 issue as it never happened with previous versions.  It doesn't take long for my cell data plan to be exhausted when this totally unannounced switch to cell data occurs.


    I immediately reported the problem to Apple when iOS6 first came out, but the defect is still there in 6.0.1.

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    I get similar-ish issues on my iPhone 4 to the original poster. On my iPhone 4 I never have a problem joining my home wifi or the wifi at my local boozer. But the amount of times functions stop working under wifi is ridiculous. I often see the spinny circle in upper right continually rotating if I do certain things but nothing loading. Internet does still work on cerain things but suddenly if I run speedtest app the download speed works (20 mbits approx) but upload just gets stuck on zero forever with the spinny circle constantly rotating. Most apps still then work ok with internet apart from core Apple apps like iTunes Store and App Store which sometimes then have problems loading. It's so hit and miss. Only a reboot of the phone will restore full functionality such as the upload registering in speedtest app under wifi but it will soon start happening again within a day or two. It's almost as if something under Safari kicks off the problems under wifi. I constantly refresh the www.itunes.com these days to check if iTunes 11 is showing, maybe this is causing some of the problems as often the never ending spinny circle starts here - some kind of safari cookie / cache bug. Who knows. It's not isolated to me either as a couple of buddies also still labouring with the iPhone 4 are reporting the same issue. So this is a different kind of wifi bug. It only happens under wifi as reverting to 3G makes everything work again. 

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    I had wifi problems as i posted here earlier. I had the latest firmware for my modem and updated my ios to 6.0.1 And still had problems ..Then i called my modem (router) company and they connected to my modem from their computer and fixed my connection problems.

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    I recently installed wifi at my parents' house.  Using the same brand of router, with the same firmware, as the one I have at home, and my iOS 6.x.x devices are absolutely FINE using the wifi at my parents' house with the exact same router and router firmware as at home where I have the issues described earlier!  So now I don't think it's a problem with the router at all...could it be a problem with my modem???


    I do not know what is going on it's incredibly frustrating...

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    Please get rid of IOS 6.  My wifi on IPAD 2 keeps dropping every few minutes.  I had done everything from turning off  the IPAD, to resetting....this is very annoying!

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    Same problem here. Didn't have any problems at all before the ios 6 and the router firmware is upgraded.


    Now I can't acces the appstore or facebook from either my iphone4, iphone4s, iphone5 or ipad 2.

    If i turn of wifi on any of the phones, or connect the ipad via shared internet from any of the iphones everything works fine.


    I can't connect to netflix via my any of my appletv3's, and netflix are unable to help me and want me to call apple-support, wich in sweden cost 40$/min!!!!!!! Have many minutes do i have to talk to them to solve the problem? Is it maybe cheaper to change all hardware to android instead?

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    I bought the new iPad for 800 euros. I'm not even able to surfing the Internet. This problem is now known for more than 6 month and apple is not able to fix this problem. This is telling me that apple don't care about his customers or apple has very bad programmers. For me it was the last apple device. Bad company , but it's normal what you expect from a company that build on Steve Jobs character ( money money and more money ). What is politics behind this ? Do you want that people buy the iPad 4 ?. Make this not working software open source and let the people fix the problems if apple not able to fix this . I'm very frustrated and my next device will be definitely a Android device. Bye Bye Apple.

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    I have had similar problems with my iPad 3.  It drops wifi connection to my RDP app at work.  I called AppleCare and after nothing worked, we were convinced that it was a hardware problem with the iPad so they sent me a replacement.  It doesn't work any better than the first one.  I am glad that my iPad 1 is not compatible with iOS6 because it still works well.

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    We are having the same problem. We can only connect if there is another I pad in the room. We have now taken it to the Apple store 2x and At&T store where we bought it...no help. I am tempted to take it back and get my money back. It is not worth it and it does not help with our business. I am glad to see that we are not the only people having the same problem.

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    I have exactly the same issues as Minmiester. I bought a new IPad (4th Gen.) yesterday.

    I turned it on, configured my WiFi and tested it with Safari. Everything works fine.

    Then I wanted to check some apps in the store. But then I got stuck with "Loading...".

    WiFi connection didn't work anymore. After restarting it worked again, but after accessing the

    Apple Store and doing some things there I got stuck again. That was really frustrating.

    Its my first apple product. I have a Cisco WAP4410N Access Point, that wasn't cheap and works with all other clients. Then I opened an Hotspot with my Android phone and connected the IPad to it. That worked and I had a perfect connection. I also tried several things, but didn't work. I have the latest firmware on the IPad. I think this is 6.0.1.

    Today I will test my old WiFi routers with the IPad and hope that one of them works.

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    I've got an ipad 3, i waited till ios 6.0.1 came out before upgrading from 5.1.1, after upgrading the wifi didn't work, i spent ages fiddling about with all the ideas on the forums. Nothing worked, several hours wasted.


    In the apple shop a helpful person told me it might be the router in the house is too slow, the old one is 5 years old and is 802.11 b/g, i've just got a new router, which is a "N" router, so 802.11 b/g/n, and is also dual band.


    its a ASUS RT-N56U it took a few minutes to set up, and now all the devices in the house need to reconnect with a different security protocol. Make sure you call the new network a new name, you can use the same password.



    PC with Vista

    PC with Windows 7

    iphone 4


    all connected automatically!

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    My IT specialist updated a newer router and now my iPad 3 connects and stays connected to the wifi.

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    I also upgraded my Cisco WiFi Access Point to the latest Firmware from 2012.

    Now the IPad is working fine and stays connected.

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    I upgraded my router (a Belkin N150) yesterday when a new firmware update became available.  No change, same issus as originally encountered.  I'm totally exasperated...barely use my iPad anymore and the iPhone 5 is just on 3G/LTE and never hooked up to wifi at home. 


    I don't accept that this is solely a router issue.  Obviously it has occured with multiple different types of routers globally, and the instigator of the problem was the implementation of iOS6.  It is entirely on Apple that they did not validate that their new software would function properly on the vast majority of access points or worse - that Apple did validate that there were issues and decided to ignore them and push ahead anyway knowing that there wasn't an issue on their own Airport Extreme and Airport Express access points.  "Arrogance" is the word the springs to mind, and that sort of arrogant corporate behaviour will be a sore point for many.  I for one have recommended to everybody not to update their software first off if they are an Apple customer, and secondly to purchase Android products if they are in the market.


    Let's not even start with the complete and utter disaster that is Apple maps...