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Over the last few months the system is "losing" a couple of keystrokes when I start typing in a new text field ? I'll be typing "Dear customer" and "De Costumer" will appear. Has anybody seen (and fixed) this issue? Thanks

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Is it always the same keys?


    Test out all they keys on a word document a few times.


    You might need to replace the top case which includes the keyboard.


    Also try an external keyboard to rule out any software issues.

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    This is probably a website issue. Try turning off JavaScript. It particularly annoying in passwords which don't echo.


    The only passwords did not echo in Unix was that TTYs were then popular terminals and these printed a transcript of you session including logon were usually discarded. TTYs are not used with web pages so should use <input type="text" ...> rather than <input type="password" ..>


    How many edbrowse users visit websites using TTYs and then discard their sessions in public libraries lately?

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    It is not a website issue. I also often have lost keystrokes in various applications (not just web browsers) on my MacBook Pro Retina running OS X 10.8.2 (with all updates including the EFI one, but it was also happening before the latter).


    It seems to occur more frequently when the cpu is busy (under load) and many windows (Safari) are open.

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    This is quite a serious data loss bug. I have had whole words gobbled and was hoping it was just remote rock bottom JavaScript abuse, not OSX 10.6. I have also had stuff gobbled in GNU/Linux which itself does not have this bug, but JavaScript (SpiderMonkey) in IceApe (free Seamonkey) does have it. Other GTK GUI apps have it when they autosave. (This may be a loss of focus or re-focus bug.)  I do not have Java (OpenJDK) enabled in the GNU/Linux browser or the OSX ones.


    Transient loss of window focus, pty or low level (USB) data loss bug? If its not EFI, it could still be a low level Darwin TTY bug. Happens under load so not related to transient loss of window focus. OS kernel bug?


    JavaScript abuse is an all too common feature of rock bottom web sites and they do it for password too which does not echo. It degrades accesibilty to web sites too wher(e) user many not be able to read the echo. If the website ever gets the password wrong flame the webmaster.


    Turn JavaScript off. If site does not work flame the webmaster.


    Run Lynx. If site does not work flame the webmaster.


    I have Lynx (and lots of other TTY and some X11 stuff) in Fink. May have to do everything via screen, lynx and mutt if you don't want to suffer keystroke loss.


    Can test with these as they do not load the system. It may only be particular kind of load so entering a number of "while :; do :; done &" may not reproduce.


    Know a lot about TTYs, a bit about X11, not Aqua + Quartz.