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I needed more space on my iPhone, so I  went into the itunes folder, and moved 15 folders out.  Then I chose "Add Folder to Library" in iTunes because there is no option to resync or recheck existing iTues folders for removed songs.  It then doubled every song in the iTunes folder in iTunes, saying that it is now twice the size.  But when I go into the actual iTunes folder, NO song is doubled.  So I deleted alll songs from iTunes, then chose "Add Folder to Library" and re-added the same iTunes folder - and it lists every song doubled AGAIN, even though there are only single copies in the iTunes folder.  Now I can't sync my iPhone 5 at all because the size is artificially doubled.  How do I re-import the folder without it showing all songs doubled in iTunes? (again, the actual songs are not doubled, only when I import the folder into iTunes it shows all songs doubled, and thus the size is doubled, and I can't sync with my phone.   How do I fix this?  Deleting 3,000 songs manually by hand just isn't an option.

iPhone 5, Windows 7