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Hi, I have recently needed a hard drive replacement and thats all done but I did a migration transfer which went well, but my Application data has not been restored. Obviously I knew that the Library folder has not been restored and there is no way I can access it.


Things I tried:

Access the Normal Library Folder on theMac and press the time machine app. But there is no previous windows (or dates) I can select from, just the current display


Terminal command of showing hidden files, I go to my time machine backup into /User/Marc and see all these hidden files, Library not one of them


Terminal Command using cd and open . but says "No such file or directory exists" (the directory was cd (drag "Marc" user folder to terminal) + /Library


I have been backing up since 2009 and I dont see why wouldnt time machine backup the Library Folder?!


If you think there is some hope, please let me know



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)