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I've recently switched to Mountain Lion Server (from windows) and moved over a large number of windows files. After a few problems with permissions, sorted by the ACL fix, I have anothe strange problem. One of our apps performs a DIR listing for file*.* and for some reason the SMB server reports file not found, even though if the whole file is typed in the DIR search it appears.


I need the file to show up on a directory listing with wildcards because the application calls for this. I've proved it isn't the filename of the command because having copied the directory to the local C: drive, the command returns the correct result.


Does anyone know if there is a way of fixing this as our application has this query hard coded?


Here is the output of the windows DIR command against identical files, one on the local drive, and one over the SMB share.


C:\Audio1>dir MYR00002*.*

Volume in drive C has no label.

Volume Serial Number is 18DB-DE36


Directory of C:\Audio1


19/11/2012  20:22           658,248 MYR00002.wav

               1 File(s)        658,248 bytes

               0 Dir(s)  82,869,899,264 bytes free



Q:\AudioTest>dir MYR00002*.*

Volume in drive Q is AHR-RAID


Directory of Q:\AudioTest


File Not Found


Strangely, this search does return a result :


Q:\AudioTest>dir myr00002*

Volume in drive Q is AHR-RAID

Volume Serial Number is 0000-0000


Directory of Q:\AudioTest


19/11/2012  19:37                68 MYR00002.INF

19/11/2012  19:37           658,248 MYR00002.wav

               2 File(s)        658,316 bytes

               0 Dir(s)  1,539,696,623,616 bytes free


Having called Apple Care they didn't think it was something that could be fixed, but may have to be escalated as a feature request. Just wondered if anyone has experiened it or knows of a work around.




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