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this is more of a complaint than a question. To put it simple: Auto correction is super annoying, at least with the German language. My iPhone is constantly correcting perfectly correct words. For example, each time I'm writing "dir" (which is an indirect "you") iPhone changes it to "die" (which means "they"). Why is this? Another example: Whenever I write "fahre" (which means "driving/riding") iPhone changes this to "Fähre" (which means "ferry"). There are countless more examples where iPhone is changing perfectly correct words to other words. I can see the sense in doing that in the case of "fahre/Fähre" because it tries to make it easier to type umlauts, but it doesn't make sense at all in cases like "dir/die".


Also, iPhone doesn't seem to learn new words. I thought it is doing that? Even words that I have used literally hundreds of times iPhone still hasn't learnt and tries to correct them. I'm using "dir" much, much, much more often than "die", yet iPhone ALWAYS tries to change "dir" to "die". Why can't it learn which words I use often and just keep them?


My suggestion:


- iPhone should NEVER change a word when it is correct

- OR it should at least learn which word I use more often and don't change it when I use the more often used word

- iPhone shoul learn new words when I use them more than once not correct them from then on